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Oculus Prime | For Weepy Eyes
Oculus Prime | For Weepy Eyes & Tear Staining in Dogs
Oculus Prime | For Weepy Eyes & Tear Staining in Dogs
Oculus Prime | For Weepy Eyes & Tear Staining in Dogs

Oculus Prime | For Weepy Eyes & Tear Staining in Dogs

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Co-formulated by canine nutrition specialist Dr Conor Brady, OP is a popular, natural, antibiotic-free solution to weepy eyes in dogs...

  • Contains 2 seaweeds, 1 seaweed extract and 1 red sea moss
  • Sustainably harvested from the cool Irish Atlantic and air dried
  • Helps soothe irritated eyes
  • Reduces water leakage from the eyes by combatting the inflammation that causes it
  • Reduces tear stains over time
  • Assists in the elimination of free radicals

Weepy eyes (and thus tear staining) is common in many dogs, certainly in the smaller, white-coated breeds. If you have read our article on weepy eyes in dogs you will know that, outside of a structural issue in the face or tear duct, the vast amount of weepy eyes is a result of inflammation coming from inside the body. There are many causes for this inflammation including a life of dry, processed food, poor pet store treats, chemical flea and worm treatments, boosters etc etc. It's often by removing these that weepy eyes (and thus tear stains) will reduce if not disappear entirely. That said, Oculus Prime’s is a unique, natural and highly effective solution that works systemically to reduce the inflammation that results in weepy eyes in dogs.

Note: As the eyes dry up the red fungus (which is the staining you can see on the face) underneath will die and flake away. Thus we recommend not cleaning the eyes for a week or two until Oculus Prime does its' work.


Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Jules Bee
Fantastic product!

Wow! I started using this product on my 12 month old Frenchie. 3 days into using this product, it had worked!

It was so quick and have been using it ever since. I now give him maintenance of 4 times a week in his food instead of daily and I will never be without this.
Well worth every penny & does exactly what it says.
Thank you

Theira Hyttinen
Very satisfied

Within 3 days of starting Oculus Prime I noticed the dark tear staining & weeping eyes diminishing. Now 10 days of use the staining & weeping eyes are almost gone. gone.

Beatrice Pounder
Wow! This stuff really works!

Who knew weeping eyes was not just “one of those things”? I was horrified to discover I’d innocently neglected my corgi puppy by ignoring the gunky discharge from her eyes. Within 2 weeks of daily use we saw an improvement and her eyes steadily improved, week by week. Now that we are near the end of our first pack her eyes are completely clear. She also has a great glossy coat and is a picture of happy health and vitality.

I found the measuring spoon fiddly - it holds the same volume as a culinary 2.5ml teaspoon measure, so I used my own spoon.

Donna Mc Manamon

I’ve been using this product on my cavachon for the last two months.
There is no improvement in his eye stains.
He also has developed diarrhoea. Not sure if this is related to the product or not. But our vet has suggested we stop using it.

Happy Poodlepig

Oculus Prime has made a massive different to my parti toy poodle. Her eyes were so crusty & stained, I was cleaning them everyday.
She had a habit of rubbing her face to clean the debris away from herself. This was clearly irritating her.
Now she has minimal discharge & the stains have gone. So impressed at how this natural mix has helped my girl she so much more comfortable. I recommend to my customers for their own pets. Thankyou so much.