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Biofunction8 | Gut Soother Blend
BioFunction8 | Gut Soother Blend
BioFunction8 | Gut Soother Blend
BioFunction8 | Gut Soother Blend

BioFunction8 | Gut Soother Blend

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Formulated by top canine nutrition specialist Dr Conor Brady, BF8 is a fantastic seaweed, organic herb, flower and seed blend that will promote gut health in dogs…here's the man himself...

  • Help reduce gut inflammation
  • Help restore gut lining
  • Boost digestion & absorption
  • Better stool formation
  • *Money-back guarantee

Recurring gut issues are one of the most common reasons for visiting the vet. The majority of these are caused by a life of processed foods. Moving to a fresh, biologically appropriate diet aside, BioFunction8 was brought out to help settle and stabilise troubled guts. Combining the powers of both sea and land plants that are each shown to promote gut health. BF8 contains a blend of 3 Irish, air-dried seaweeds and a unique seaweed extract, chosen for their anti-oxidative and anti-inflammatory properties. Also included in the product are organic marshmallow, chamomile and chia seeds, which are long known to promote gut membrane and overall gut health. Lastly, we throw in a pinch of our unique fibre supplement StoolRite for better stool formation.  

Remember, recurring gut issues are largely caused by something going IN to your dog. You must focus there first or you will forever be buying products to treat the symptoms. For more on dogs with recurring gut issues please check out the most popular article on our site Food Sensitivity in Dogs

For more on the science behind BioFunction8, check out our article "Eight reasons why BioFunction8 alleviates the symptoms of gastrointestinal disease in your dog".


*Money-back guarantee - if BF8 doesn't work to help your dog's gut issues you get you money back. No questions.

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Janie Wellman
Very good stuff

My dogs poop wasn’t consistent all of the time. Since using Bio Function 8, every poo they have produced is perfect. Packaging and delivery excellent x thank you

Sue Stephens
Bio function 8

Bought this product as another attempt at helping one of my dogs with acid reflux, I'm amazed within 2 days the reflux had settled after 3 weeks his breath was returning to normal smelling, we are 8 weeks down the line, no reflux, and I've got my boy back, no more 3-4 am hacking stomach bubbling suffering dog, he's fantastic, happy and certainly healthier , thanks to this, its 5 * from me and my dog (s) can't recommend bio function 8 enough

Jayne Darby
Fantastic Product

My dogs have been on this for a couple of months now. What a difference it has made in their poops! When my husband notices stuff like this I knew I was on to a good thing for my dogs.
Needless to say I will be buying more.

Renal disease

Can a 21month old puppy showing renal disease have this.

Laura Sparks
Brilliant product

Tried so many products to help my pup with his troubled guts none of which overly helped. Along with a consult with Dr Conor and using BioFunction8 my pup now has amazing stools and is generally a lot more comfortable.