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Stoolrite | Stoolformer For Diarrhoea Constipation & Anal Gland Issues
StoolRite | Stool former, Anal Gland Relief
StoolRite | Stool former, Anal Gland Relief

StoolRite | Stool former, Anal Gland Relief

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Co-formulated by Dr Conor Brady, StoolRite is a unique, highly effective natural solution to anal gland issues in dogs...

  • Shore up soft stools
  • Natural anti-inflammatory effects
  • Ease anal gland issues
  • Boost gut health and nutrient absorption
  • Increase energy levels
  • Money-back guarantee*

StoolRite contains a unique combination of soluble and insoluble dietary fibres that will help stool quality in dogs. It can be used as both a stool former and stool softener, depending on the need. In this way, it can help with anal gland issues in dogs. Furthermore, natural complex carbohydrates and dietary saccharides in StoolRite may act as a natural prebiotic to restore microbiota balance and boosting gut health in dogs.

*No quibble money-back guarantee. If StoolRite does not do for your dog what it states above you will get your money back instantly. No questions.


Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews
Kellie Neary
Amazing 5 Stars

I received my StoolRite yesterday and its very early days but all I can say after giving my dogs 1 dose last night is WOW. My pom has been suffering with diarrhoea for the last 3 months on and off. She has been at the vets 6 to 8 times for this issue but its never been fixed 100%. I had bloods done and for the last 4 wks she has been getting vit b shots. I gave her a dose of Stoolrite last nite and she had no diarrhoea, no vomiting and was actually looking for her food this morning (normally she's very fussy) I'm sooooooooo happy :) I cant wait to see the long term effects if this is how well she's done on it already. Great product, great delivery service and I'm so happy this man, his team and these products are available. Will be buying more x

sue butler
Big improvement

Sally is a fit/active/energetic 8 yr old Airedale. I acquired her as a 3 yr old (rescue). She had control .... ie .... not diarea(?!?) ....... but frequently semi-liquid poo that was sometimes 'uncomfortable' for her/impossible to pick up

Sadly she is on a dried diet. Whilst I appreciate that 'this is not "natural" ....... I have to consider a 'balanced diet/her nutritional requirements/convenience/maintenance'. People far better qualified than I do this for me/us.

I swiftly learned that she was better on a sensitive diet ..... ie 'wheat free'.

I have now been using stoolrite for several months and it is finally making the difference. What a pity that 'this' isn't simply incorporated into 'complete diets'? Why not? Profit???

Sonia McQuillan
Highly recommend

So after using stoolrite twice daily for approx the last 12weeks, my gsd emptied his anal glands naturally this evening. He is no longer itching at his backside. Would definitely recommend stoolrite to help with inflammation/irritation. I’ve also eliminated some protein sources that I discovered were adding to the problem. Will always keep a supply handy in case of flare ups in the future.

Jamie Crawford
Has definitely helped

While it's definitely helped, our girl still gets occasional gland issues and, once or twice, constipation. We've found that giving her one meal a week of raw liver and pumpkin/squash gets rid of the latter.

Dolores O'HARA

This has helped my Tia so much has made such a difference with her anal glands would definitely recommend this product