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Organic Irish Kelp For Dogs
Organic Irish Kelp For Dogs
Organic Irish Kelp For Dogs

Organic Irish Kelp For Dogs

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True Kelp (Laminaria) has been used for breeders for years to boost the health and condition of their dog's skin and coat...

  • Sustainably harvested, organic Irish kelp (Laminaria)
  • Air-dried (no heat used), preserving all the good bits
  • For skin and coat conditioning
  • Higher iodine and thus great for the immune system
  • Great source of harder to find vitamins, minerals and antioxidants

The finest, organic, sustainably harvested (not off the beach or intertidal zone) Atlantic brown kelp out there for dogs today. We desiccate as opposed to bake to preserve the heat-sensitive components. Laminaria is packed full of powerful antioxidants such as fucoidans that are unique to seaweeds as well as iodine both of which promote health in your dog. Favoured by breeders worldwide. Often used to promote coat condition by breeders. Furthermore, as kelp grows in such a hostile environment with regular changes in salinity, temperature, water to air and battered by rocks, it's choc-full of compounds that are brilliant at repair and help keep it in good health such as fucoidans, which are only found in plants beneath the saves. We can consume these and reap serious benefits. More on seaweed and why you should eat it here.