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Oculus Prime | For Weepy Eyes
Oculus Prime | For Weepy Eyes & Tear Staining
Oculus Prime | For Weepy Eyes & Tear Staining
Oculus Prime | For Weepy Eyes & Tear Staining

Oculus Prime | For Weepy Eyes & Tear Staining

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Oculus Prime, co-formulated by Dr Conor Brady, is an entirely unique, natural solution to weepy eyes and tear staining in dogs and comes with a money-back guarantee...

  • Contains 2 seaweeds, 1 seaweed extract and 1 red sea moss
  • Sustainably harvested from the cool Irish Atlantic and air dried
  • Helps soothe irritated eyes
  • Reduces water leakage from the eyes by combatting the inflammation that causes it
  • Reduces tear stains over time
  • Assists in the elimination of free radicals

Weepy eyes (and thus tear staining) is common in many dogs, certainly in the smaller, white-coated breeds. If you have read our article on weepy eyes in dogs you will know that, outside of a structural issue in the face or tear duct, the vast amount of weepy eyes is a result of inflammation coming from inside the body. There are many causes for this inflammation including a life of dry, processed food, poor pet store treats, chemical flea and worm treatments, boosters etc etc. It's often by removing these that weepy eyes (and thus tear stains) will reduce if not disappear entirely. That said, Oculus Prime’s is a unique, natural and highly effective solution that works systemically to reduce the inflammation that results in weepy eyes in dogs.

Note: As the eyes dry up the red fungus (which is the staining you can see on the face) underneath will die and flake away. Thus we recommend not cleaning the eyes for a week or two until Oculus Prime does its' work.


Customer Reviews

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Have been using this product for some months now. Our dog still has tear stains but eyes look healthier and the discharge is almost nil. Worth using I believe which is why I keep buying it. Time for a 'loyalty' points system I reckon! ; 0 )

Bichon frisé

This is not a miracle cure but as other users have noted, it does make a difference. My bichon produces a lot of eye discharge which oxidises and turns brownish red. Using Occulus Prime reduces the discharge and overall improves the look of her eyes. I have been using it for about a month and when we recently went on a trip and forgot the Occulus, we noticed how the condition got worse, so I shall continue to use this. She doesn't seem to notice whether it's in her food or not and has no adverse effects at all. I reccomend it.

Excellent anti-inflammatory

As my dog had a very weepy eye and terrible tear staining I decided to give Oculus Prime a shot. While it helped somewhat for her eye the big difference was in her hips and range of movement. She has mild hip dysplasia is only 5 & went lame a couple of times. OP has really helped her. I give it to her every day and wouldn't be without it. Before she hardly ever broke into a 'canter' , yesterday she galloped the whole way down the beach, amazing. It didn't happen overnight, we had a six week rest period and a very slow resumption of exercise with short walks and little swims. I think OP is an excellent anti-inflammatory. As for the weepy eye well I'm currently trying an exclusion diet and have noticed an improvement. So we may get there yet !

Great product.

My dog never had weepy eyes as per se, she did however have a grey gloopy discharge in the morning along with lower droopy eyelids that would show the red of her eyes. After a month of using this product her overall eye appearance has dramatically improved. The morning gloop still exist which I can live with.

Weepy eyes on my Chow Chow

Took a few days for this to kick in. I used 2 scoops per feed (raw fed), twice a day. After a few days of using it, i was beginning to think it wasn't working. I increased the dosage to 4 scoops per feed and it began to work a treat. 1 bag did the job... Highly recommend.