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Verm-x Liquid Natural Gut Worm Treatment & Prevention 250ml

Verm-x Liquid Natural Gut Worm Treatment & Prevention 250ml

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Details: The powerful and effective Verm-X blend of 11 herbs has introduced the first real alternative for animal owners wanting to naturally control internal parasites.

Following the success of our Verm-X functional Treats for Dogs we had many requests from Dog breeders trainers and handlers who wish to have an effective Verm-X formulation that was fed monthly rather than daily. We have worked with handlers and greyhound trainers to fill this need and bring a successful and more economical alternative to the canine market.

Having been formulated specifically for the working dog this Verm-X liquid is not subject to VAT. Verm-X liquid is designed to be added to the feed not daily like the treats but for 3 consecutive days per month.

Respected Greyhound Trainer Noel Williamson had for years used chemicals and changed to Verm-X liquid for dogs to see if he could find an edge Noel had this to say: The dogs look in great shape they all seem brighter in themselves and their coat and condition has definitely improved since using Verm-X.

  • May be used solely every months or integrated within a conventional worming programme
  • Verm-X is a 100% herbal formulation designed by leading herbalist Trudy Norris to specifically control internal parasites
  • It is ideal for dog owners who wish to explore the natural way of controlling parasites, perfect also for dogs kept on organic farms
  • Widely used on dogs in the peak of fitness and competition as the herbs are gentle on the digestive system
  • Can be integrated within a conventional worming routine or used solely
  • Extremely palatable and has no known resistance