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Thanks for your help - have a coffee!

Thanks for your help - have a coffee!

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If you're here then either you have read an article that has helped you or your pet or I've given you some time on the phone and you want to donate me the price of a coffee. If that's the case, thanks so much for your support. These little bits are absolutely vital to help me to keep doing what I'm doing. Continued good health to you and your pet and please spread the word.

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Great article. Thorough

Thank you for all the advice


Every dog will be glad their owner read this information. I have always fed my dog(s) on a raw diet but all the other info here has been so beneficial for me, now the Jabbawokki dog can go back to smiling and sleeping! Thanks so much.

I love what you do!

O absolutely love what you do and your information is very helpful!!♥️
@andreeadinu doar o româncă proastă ar fi putut lăsa așa un comentariu de rahat! Continuă să-i dai câinelui tău cancer curat, rămâi proastă și neinformată, dar nu denigra munca altora și ceea ce e cu adevărat sănătos! Btw, un mare rahat ești chiar tu.

Thank you!

I just wanted to say a big thank you. You have given me information that my veterinarian should have given me, and which I have repeatedly asked about. After 6 years of battling terrible tummy pain and not getting any real help at the vets we were at crisis point just one week ago. I truly believe you have saved my toy poodles life. I've started her on the bone broth and stopped giving her tap water. In just 3 days she is back to her normal happy self and EATING again! She is playful with me, the cats, her toys instead of standing with tail hanging and her eyes telling me she's got pain. I hope to never see that look in her again and I have you to thank because you have given me answers and info on what to do now. You have made mine and Lucy's year, Thank you!


You are full of shit!!! Get a fucking job and stop Tricking people !