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Thanks for your help - have a coffee!

Thanks for your help - have a coffee!

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If you're here then either you have read an article that has helped you or your pet or I've given you some time on the phone and you want to donate me the price of a coffee. If that's the case, thanks so much for your support. These little bits are absolutely vital to help me to keep doing what I'm doing. Continued good health to you and your pet and please spread the word.

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Happy to buy you a coffee!

Hi - I thought it was about time I bought you a cup of java. Since I discovered your page, I've visited and read an article at least 10 times and also emailed you once (and got a very fast, informative reply).

I am not a raw feeder but you have such a wealth of knowledge about a range of issues that I have come back time and time again to read up on what to do best for my new pup AND for advice I can use to help my older dog. In a short space of time, you've become an invaluable resource. Keep up the good work.

Raw diet for my 6.5 yr old Mastiff

Bella is now mast cell cancer free and i want to put her on a raw diet again. I started the raw diet after buying a $90. 7 lb. bag of Dr Harvey's "paradigm" supplement to be added to her protein. I realized Bella is eating better than me
LONG STORY SHORT Im giving up on paradigm and adding my own vegies, saving enough for me to eat out again
Thanks for your help.

Giving thanks

HI thanks for the input it helped me a lot .I'm alone ,no job,no money,no help:(,I love my little guy more then I can say,he's 4 years old ,he's a chuhwawa and your info helped me with his ear problem :),we can't afford the vet.

Evidence based confidence!

My go to place for sound scientific based evidence to present to my vet so I feel able to make an informed decision.

Great Information

Dogsfirst is now my “go to” place for accurate advice and information. It’s always backed up by research documents for proof of studies carried out.